Future Proofing the Connected World: A Quantum-Resistant Trusted Platform Module.

FutureTPM will provide a new genaration of TPM-based solutions incorporating robust and formally verified QR cryptographic primitives.

The goal is to enable a smooth transition from current TPM environments, based on existing widely used and standardised cryptographic techniques, to systems providing enhanced security through QR cryptographic functions, including secure authentication, encryption and signing functions. By designing an innovative portfolio of high-security QR algorithms for primitives such as Key Agreement, Encyption, Signature, Cryptographic Hashing, Message Authentication Code (MAC) Functions, and Direct Anonymous Attestation (DAA), FutureTPM will fill the gaps that currently threaten its long-term security properties.

This will enable FutureTPM systems to generate a secure root of trust that can be used for interacting with Cloud services, accessing corporate services, performing banking and eCommerce transactions, along with a wide range of other services.